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Thinking of You Bridge
Michael Schoedinger
Hello and allow me to thank you again for allowing our family the opportunity to serve your family.  At Schoedinger, we know how difficult the grief journey can be.  As Rabbi Earl Grollman so eloquently stated, "Grief Shared is Grief Diminished."  It is our hope that by sharing this insightful and helpful information, you can continue down the path toward healing and hope.  We are offering our continued support by sending you four more issues to guide you through this first year.  We hope our "Thinking of You" correspondence is helpful to you and to your family.    

Michael Schoedinger, President 
Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service
Choosing Your Path On This Journey
Choosing Your Path
Many people find their journey in life takes them to a crossroad. They could turn down the path of least resistance or they could take the other road - the road less traveled. Fewer people have chosen to travel this road because it involves more risk and more personal reflection. Yet those who take the "road less traveled" find they arrive at a completely different place than the others. A better place.  

The path of grief is similar
... Read on.  
How to Deal with the Emotions of Taking Care of a Loved One's Belongings.
Dealing with the Emotions
When you are faced with the responsibility of sorting through or packing up the belongings of a loved one, it can seem like an overwhelming task. 

While it is never easy dealing with the possessions of a deceased loved one, it is possible to address the task in an efficient way.   Read these helpful tips... 
How to Help a Grieving Child
Child holding flowers
For most adults it is difficult to imagine the questions children have when someone they love has died. Many of these questions remain unanswered because children are afraid to ask them.

Adults may find it difficult to discuss death with children because their pain increases our pain. Because of this, children are hindered in their grieving.
Online Grief Support
Dr. Virginia Simpson CC Our website provides grief support videos featuring Dr. Virginia Simpson.  These videos explore the dimensions and dynamics of grief. You may view these videos at any time of the day or night.  Dr. Simpson offers compassionate advice and insightful guidance that specifically addresses the kind of loss you have experienced such as the death of a spouse, parent or child.  Click here to view Dr. Simpson grief support videos.
Daily Encouragement
Daily Affirmations When someone you love dies, grieving that loss can take a long time.  We want to be your daily companion, helping you to let the sun shine back into your life. These daily emails provide encouragement and gentle reminders of the recovery process. Interested?  Click here to learn more.
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